Brothers Keeper

This ICOBA Abuja project will kick off effectively from January 2021, when we believe that most if not all members would have returned from the Christmas and New Year holiday travels and vacations.

The objective of the family visitation / outreach is simply to have greater physical and virtual contact with our cherished members in the coming year. We are all very much  aware of the tragedies and losses of the declining (by faith!) COVID-19 pandemic, and the collateral damage of economic angst, loss of camaraderie and fellowship between family and friends.

To this end the Welfare Committee (Brother’s Keepers initiative) is proposing a Family Visitation/Outreach on a revolving basis among all our members. Visitation is more of a physical engagement of our members, whereby the EXCO as the arrowhead and other ICOBA members (that may be co-opted) will visit a minimum of 10 members in any given month. This will continue on a revolving basis, with the expectation that within a year we would have visited each member at least twice (apart from our scheduled physical and virtual monthly meetings).

The outreach aspect of the project involves a group of Committee members again co-ordinated by the EXCO to call up ICOBA members at least twice a month. Here we hope to reach out to every single member, on a consistent basis. This particular outreach strategy has a pilot run earlier this year with some reasonable level of success, but going forward we hope to ramp up our telephony and ensure that all members are called and reached. Even if its a 2 minute conversation.

A detailed visitation and outreach roster will be drawn up before the end of the year so that we can all be aware of our personal responsibilities to the Association and members individually. The aim is to foster greater unity and engender a greater level of belonging.

The Secretariat shall provide a comprehensive list of all members, phone numbers inclusive to enable the Brother’s Keepers committee develop and orchestrate an all inclusive Family Visitation/Outreach..

Thank you.



Members in need can fill up the welfare needs assessment form below

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