Down memory lane…

Our Elders,

My Seniors,

My Brothers.

My first day at igbobi college.

When I entered Igbobi College in 1974, I belonged to the mosquito group. This referred to the group of boys, small in stature and very easy prey to the newly minted senior boys of form II. Those who were shall we say, “well built” amongst us, either stood their ground if confronted on a one-on-one basis. NOT always a good idea as the senior who had been confronted would always return with the full force of his classmates behind him or, learned to pass themselves off as seniors😎. Again not always a good idea if they were found out.

Having successfully “survived” form 1, I spent my entire summer holidays “physically” preparing to be a senior. I ate eba every afternoon in the hope it would expand my πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽. Every evening, I devoured beans and dodo in the hope I would elongate like a bamboo πŸŽ‹. Because I had promised myself that…

Those newly arriving Form 1 boys eh… They  too, will know they encountered a senior.

What really happened on my first day as a newly minted form 2, senior boy πŸ€”

This jist is to be continued.

Your brother,


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    Great ICY. I still remember my first day in the school vividly. we sat under the BIG Acacia tree by the dinning area. i had never seen a tree so wide in my entire life.

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